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Becoming Indiana Jones in Petra, Jordan!!

I had such an AWESOME time spending 12 days in Petra, Jordan! I got to pretend I was Indiana Jones as I explored the HUGE site of Petra and climbed the 800 steps up to the Monastery! One of the coolest things ever was when we walked through the red narrow canyon called the Siq on the way to the famous Treasury. That is the place where Indy, Sulla, Marcus, and Indy’s dad found the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade movie. It was so amazing to be walking in the Siq and then suddenly see the Treasury come alive before your eyes!

I also loved the Bedouins who have lived in Petra for hundreds of years. I made friends with many of the Bedouin kids and had fun playing with them!

Here are some pictures of our time in Petra!

Me and my friend Mohammed

Playing with the local Bedouin girls Dima and Fatima

Having fun in the Siq!

We can see the Treasury!

The Bedouins were fun to watch!

My first camel ride ever!

The Bedouins

DSC_0542 (2)

A cute fuzzy camel! Seemed like a stuffed animal!

So many places to explore!

I made it the 800 steps to the Monastery!!

On our way down from the Monastery

So many fun caves to explore!

Our hotel – we had huge windows with a great view!

The view from our room!

So as you can see, Petra is such a fun place for kids and the people are so friendly!! Here is an article my mom wrote about Petra with kids – check it out here!




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