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Treasure Hunting in Angkor Wat, Cambodia!!

I loved our 6 days visiting the awesome temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia! My favorite part was exploring the hidden rooms and caves, the golden statues at the heart of the temples, and the wall carvings and statues. There was so much to do at each one that I could have stayed exploring for hours!!

Each morning, our tuk tuk driver Jim would show up at our hotel and take us into the Angkor Wat temple park to find a new temple to explore. As we were driving, we would see wild monkeys, elephants, and local kids on their way to school. It was so much fun to see the way the local people lived and even meet some of them at the temples.

Here are some photos of me and my family:

My Superhero Dad!

Check out what was walking next to our tuk tuk!

Well that was just a few of the 4,000 photos we took in Cambodia!!!  Check out my blog soon for some more!!




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