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Volcanos, Black Beaches, Cool Cliffs, and Donkeys – Santorini, Greece

We stayed only 4 days on the awesome volcanic island of Santorini, but it will stay with me forever. The black beach of Perissa was a 15 minute walk away through fields full of donkeys and past an amazing bakery. We got to know the donkeys, well as much as you can get to know donkeys, as well as the nice bakery owners who always gave us extra sesame breadsticks, cookies, and candy for free. We found the best restaurant on the beach, called Acropolis, which we ate at everyday, sometimes twice. The people in Santorini were super nice and made us feel like family (except for the scary dog that would bark at us every night as we walked home). It was really neat yet spooky to picture the volcano exploding in the very place we were standing – what was it like for the people back then? I don’t think they were relaxing on the beach and eating calamari!

On the black beach – Perissa


We went on lots of buses into the main town of Fira, and then to Oia, Akrotiri, and back again! The windy roads were a bit freaky – especially from Fira to Oia along the cliffside as the bus driver drove without slowing down on the curves! We will not be doing that ride again!!  But Oia was amazing and very worth the drive (only once!)!! Fira was really cool too. Lots of shops, but mainly jewelry stores and clothes, but I did find some neat trinkets to buy. It was my mom’s birthday, so we had a nice dinner with a view of the island.


Oia with Fira in background

I loved exploring the ancient site of Akrotiri! I wanted to climb down into the open sections where digging tools were lying around – I wanted to be an archaeologist for the day!


We had a great time in Santorini!! Have you ever been?

Until next time – Ciao!




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  • Great Aunt Sandy
    June 22, 2014 at 6:12 am

    WOW! WOW! WOW!! I read this blog twice! I just loved this one!! Great job Trevor!

  • Mary Lou Murray
    June 23, 2014 at 12:31 am

    WOW! Treavor….you’re the MAN! Thank you so much for the great BLOGS! I loved all of them!!! You have shown me many places and pictures that I didn’t know about. I’m glad you are drawing pictures of your travels….you are a great artist. I’m also happy to hear that you like MOZART…..he is one of my favorite composers. I like to play his sonatas on the Piano. When you are through with your travels, I will buy you a violin if you want.
    Love you very much, OMA